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We did a recent clean up of our list and removed all sites that did not belong. If you see an inappropriate one, please e-mail us.

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We do not accept adult or illegal sites on our list. If you have such a site, you are not welcomed on ECards100. We are a family safe site.


Popups are allowed as long as it is not an entrance popup. Also make sure that the scroll and address bar is not hidden and that the window is sizable. Keep these in mind when implementing an exit popup.

Mailing Lists

You may use our voting links in your maling list as long as it is not unsolicitated. Make sure use a redirect link from your website.

Voting Code Placement

The voting code must be visible on the URL you have signed up for. We will occasionally go through the list to check if this is done. If it is not on that URL, it is hard for us to tell where your votes are coming from. We will then be forced to remove your site.

* Breaking any of the above rules will result in a suspension of your site without any notice so please read carefully.

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