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We did a recent clean up of our list and removed all sites that did not belong. If you see an inappropriate one, please e-mail us.

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About Us
We search and rank the web's best ecard sites so you won't have to. Participating sites uses our unique ranking code to gain votes towards their placement on our list. The more votes a site receives, the higher they will be ranked. This will give you an orderly list of the web's most popular ecard sites.

No more searching the search engines to look for your favorite greetings. They are all listed here in a well organized and easy to access manner. We all know how irrelevant some search resuts are when it comes to searching for ecards on the web. is here to provide a solution to this problem.

We are actively searching for more ecard sites to be listed in our database. If you are a webmaster of a greeting or ecard site, please feel free to join us. Sites of all sizes are welcomed to participate in our voting system.

If you have further questions, read our visitor and webmaster faq. You may also contact us at the addresses below.

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